Introducing our Production of Successful

Trex follows Young generation’s manpower for old style production..

Step 1

Copper and Tin are put into the crucible taking care of special mixture rates. We burn the raw metal by using Coal to get more carbon dioxide and strong fusion for two different heavy metals (Copper & Tin)

The crucible is taken from the furnace and carried to the cast area. Cast starts considering how much gram weights of ingots we need.
Ingots are rolled several times by using big Roller Machine till we reach the thickness which we need.
Raw disks are measured by using thickness gauge and suitable ones are carried to Bell Press process. We have different bell molds considering the cymbal size and its sound characteristics.
Raw disks which have bells on them are put into the wood burn oven and start taking heat till they are ready to be thrown into water.
Raw disks are hammered on an anvil till they get their own shapes. TREXIST CYMBALS are all hand hammered cymbals.
Cymbals are lathed considering its own sound characteristics. TREXIST CYMBALS have 10 different Lines with different lathing style.
We proudly announce that our Cymbals have the ear of all drummers in the World.