About Us

We are young energetic

Our policy have united to take cymbal making back to its traditional essential roots keeping the consistency of the sound.

We gurantee that every cymbal in its own series will carry the tonal projection up to a semitone of difference.

Our team is a Family and we truly operate on Family Values. We want to welcome the right distributors into our family and provide them with the help and support for their efforts. As an extension of our Family you would also have the ability to help build our artist Roster and then benefit from the support of all Trex Endorsees to help further your business..

About US

First goal is to produce Handmade Turkish Cymbals specifically developed to provide the extreme tonal, performance and appearance characteristics demanded by all drummers.

Cymbal Smiths who works for us were carefully chosen in Turkey and they all know their responsibility to bring this ancient art to modern artists.

Trex follows Young generation’s manpower for old style production..